“To Take Youths to the level where they can find Artist and sportsmen within themselves, keep them away from Drugs, Violence, Crime and stay focused in their life to become educated and well versed canadian citizen.”


  • Providing the platform to the people who love there folk art and heritage.
  • Providing sources to the student of different ages having cultural skills in various fields in punjabi folk arts and music by organising workshops.
  • Organise workshops and exhibitions to impart training among the upcoming youth in Punjabi folk dances, folk music, folk instruments,literature,painting and other punjabi traditional arts.
  • Revive and promote the punjabi folk theater in punjabi by organising shows from time to time.
  • Work continously to promote the South Asian culture and traditional activities in Canada to help the talented students and artists financially.
  • Motivate the upcoming youth from towards social activities,reading good literature and participating in community events, hence diverting them from drugs,crime and voilance.
  • Introduce the unknown master/expert personalities in various fields of Southasian arts by bring up there expertise to the commom people to get there work evaluated and help them financially.
  • Train the youth in punjabi folk dancing, folk music, folk singing, folk instruments, folk theater and sports.
    To organise charity shows for collection of funds for social causes.
  • The group will make arrangements of exhibitions/sale counters to advertise works of various artists to collect funds to improve the living stadards of poor artists and educate there children.